About Us

StoryMaxima is a storytelling company providing quality photography and filmmaking services for organizations. We make and promote stories authentic stories that influence the perception of organizations. From planning to execution, our team of experienced storytellers, art directors, filmmakers and photographers construct and present brand stories in a way that is emotional, relatable and true.

Brand Positivity

People respond to other people, brands and organizations based on the stories and perceptions that they have learned about them. StoryMaxima was founded on the premise to help drive brand positivity for organizations by using visual stories.
Our clients range from local and international non-governmental organizations to brands and corporations working to provide solutions to the world’s most pressing needs.

Unique Approach

We have a vast range of experience in storytelling that positions the organizations we work with in a way that their stories are understood by the people they are trying to reach. Our unique approach is that we work with local storytellers, photographers, filmmakers and writers who are able to relate and understand the people whose stories we tell, and share them without sentiments. We also serve as an incubator for young, aspiring and upcoming creative people, providing training, funding and support to enable them tell their own stories with the world.

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